Writing Node Scripts

-24 Feb 2015-

You can write simple scripts in your package.json for your projects that will run simple commands like jshint *.js or karma start, but you can also write your own js scripts and run them with node so that npm run new_post will run node ./scripts/new_post.js for anything you need.

Here is the simple script I wrote to make a new post in Wintersmith.

var fs = require('fs'),
    prompt = require('prompt'),
    path = require('path'),
    changeCase = require('change-case');

prompt = prompt.start();

prompt.get(['title'], function(err, result) {
    var title = result.title
        cleanTitle = changeCase.snake(title); 

    fs.mkdirSync('contents/articles/' + cleanTitle);

    var content = '---\n';
    content += 'title: "' + title + '"\n'
    content += 'author: colby-dehart\n'
    content += 'template: article.jade\n'
    content += 'date: ' + printDate() + '\n'
    content += '---\n'

        'contents/articles/' + cleanTitle + '/index.markdown',

function printDate(){
    var d = new Date(),
        res = '';

    res += d.getFullYear() + '-';
    res += (d.getMonth()+1) + '-';
    res += (d.getDate()+1);

    return res;

I prompt the user (myself) for a title, then create a directory that is named the title in snake case. Then I create some Yaml front matter for the post and write it in a file in the new folder called index.markdown. I have this script loaded in a folder in my root named scripts and then in my package.json I have.

"scripts": {
    "new_post": "node bin/new_post"

Now whenever I want to make a new post, i just run npm run new_post and I am prompted for a title and all of the directory making and front matter generation is handled for me. Using this method is great for one-off tasks that wouldn’t necessarily make sense in an automated task runner like gulp.

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