When v.1.0

-05 Apr 2015-

So I’m finally fully ready to announce When V.1.0 is ready! When was my first capstone at Nashville Software School and is a group activity planner. It’s powered by Firebase with an Angular frontend and you can go ahead and log in and use it here

Basically the idea is that you login and can create events for groups. You pick a name and a time range when the event can possibly happen and the app generates a link. You can send the link to whoever you want to attend. They put in their name and email and then edit their availability on a calendar widget. Then you, the creator of the event, can view the merged calendar of everyone’s availability. In the case where there is no possible way that every participant can attend the event, the app will sort the participants by busyness and then find the most optimal number of participants.

Feel free to give it a spin and if you have any issues, you can submit an issue on the GitHub repo or put a comment below.

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