Hack Nashville 6

-11 Nov 2014-

I just got back from Hack Nashville this last weekend and had a blast. I ended up partnering up with Code for Nashville with a few of my cohort mates from Nashville Software School. We worked on a pretty neat app called NashViva.

The app was basically “A digital pocketknife for life in Nashville”. You pick an area in Nashville and it populates a map with information that you might find useful, like public wifi, parks, fire departments, and bus stops. I ended up spending most of the time that I could devote working with Leaflet, which is a JavaScript library for easily making and manipulating maps. Making a map is as simple as making a #map element in your HTML and then initializing.

//Initialize the map
var map = L.map('map').setView([36.165818, -86.784245], 13);
//Add the main layer so you can see the map

There’s a way to add markers and shapes and a plethora of plugins for it from there, but those are the basics. You can check out the the project and code at NashViva. It’s not yet fully complete, but it’s got a start and we are hoping to build it out from here. A ton of other great projects got built over the weekend as well and it was great to be a part of it. I plan on going next year and would encourage anyone interested in coding, robotics, or anything creative in the digital realm to check it out also.

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