Conditional Assignment with JavaScript

-04 Nov 2014-

The other day while working on a recreation of chess with a few of my cohort mates here at the NSS, I had to constantly find out if, in a 2-dimensional array, if a cell exists. If the outer array did not exist though, the program would fail if I tried to grab the inner array from the undefined value.

So 2dArray[invalidValue][somOtherValue] would crash my JavaScript. Instead of setting up an if statement to check if they outer array exists and then the inner aray exists every time I wished to operate on the grid, i wrote the following little function.

function cellExists(x,y){
  return 2dArray[y] && 2dArray[y][x];

Now when this function receives an invalid grid cell, it will return false without crashing the program, but to my surprise it will return the actual cell of x and y instead of true if the cell exists. This actually ended up being more useful for me, because many times I was just checking to see if a cell exists so I could grab a property out of it. So grabbing that property could more simply be…

function getSomeProp(x,y){
  2dArray[y] && 2dArray[y][x] && 2dArray[y][x].someProp;

You can also use boolean values like this when assigning variables. If you && it will return the last value if both values of true and if you use || it will return the first value if it is true, or the second value if the first is false, or false if neither are. Below I have some examples.

var foo = someFlag && someVal;
//only sets foo to someVal if someFlag is true
var bar = falseValue || trueValue;
//falsValue is false, so it sets bar to trueValue
var baz = baz || "value not found"
//if baz is undefined or a false value,
//sets itself to "value not found"

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